1326 Kingsway Boulevard

Project Type
Project Size
23,000 SF
Completion Date
Sudbury, Ontario

1326 Kingsway Boulevard has developed two, high quality exterior for commercial tenants at a newly developed commercial/retail site in the city. The building used a series of urban store front precedents to develop a tectonic façade that allows the interior to be highly visible to the exterior.
The design allows the public to see through the high performance building envelope to see into the interior spaces, thereby actively promoting the tenants commercial purpose. The design of the project creates a public space that extends across The Kingsway by virtue of the view into the commercial spaces. The image and function at the building is to become a sign and emblem for the commercial spaces within.

Key Features

Light and Views
An urban storefront provides daylight into the building and views to merchandise of the occupants located in the large the store windows.
Buildings are positioned on the site to be highly visible to commercial traffic and supported by circulation patterns, for vehicles, pedestrians and truck transport.

Services Rendered


  • Provide a commercial building to support the development of a design orientated boutique furniture store.
  • Develop a strong, unified cluster of commercial buildings that will attract other design orientated businesses to the commercial property.


  • Development of a rhythmic façade punctuated with significant openings, using materials and colours that coordinate with the brand of the boutique furniture store.
  • Develop landscaped pubic spaces opposite the facades to support window shopping and pedestrian activities.
  • Develop simple interior ceiling planes that hold lighting, and mechanical systems at the windows to define the ceiling of the interior spaces at the storefront.

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