Adanac Ski Patrol + Rental Facility

Project Type
civic industrial
Project Size
1,800 SF
Completion Date
Sudbury, Ontario

The project provided a new ski patrol and rental facility design to shape the public space at the base of the hill, provide functional spaces to facilitate fitting, adjustment, storage of rental skis / snowboards and provide a form / space that reference the dynamic activities that take place at the hill.

The new facility includes new ticketing booths, ski rental fitting and equipment storage areas, snow school staff rooms and support facilities for ski patrol volunteers.

Key Features

Public Space
The facility, in concert with the existing chalet defines a public area at the base of the hill, creating a court like setting.
Functional Space
A series of functional spaces support persons renting and staff handling, adjusting and fitting equipment; from the time one enters the facility, until one leaves, fully equipped and ready to enjoy the hill.
Views + Form
Windows provide views to the base court, the chalet and to the adjoining slopes. The dynamic nature of the buildings design is emblematic of activities on the hill.

Services Rendered


The challenge of the project was how to create a place that encouraged youth to ski.


  • The project developed design solutions to strengthen the public space at the base of the hill by shaping a half open, south facing court.
  • A simple series spaces allows a young person to enter the building, buy a lift ticket, register to rent equipment, obtain fitted boots and a helmet, have skis adjusted to match their ability, and get poles to suit their height before exiting out at the base, in view of the lift and the main face of the hill.
  • The form of the building uses simple sloped volumes and cantilevered glulam beams / steel tie rod detailing to reference the brief moments when skiers defy gravity on the hill. Windows allow views to connect the interior to the public space at he hill base and the main face of the hill beyond.

Work photography by Gerry Kingsley

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