Project Type
commercial first-nations institutional recreational
Project Size
1,760 M²/18,900 SF
Completion Date
Aundeck Omni Kaning, Ontario

The multiuse facility is a combination of renovating the existing fish plant and a new addition at Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation. This building was developed as an important public space within the community. The facility offers a large indoor, day-lit multiuse space immediately adjacent other outdoor community recreation facilities.

This multi-use space accommodates a variety of functions and uses, including community events like weddings and conferences as well as recreational activities, such as basketball and volleyball.

Key Features

Flexible Community Space
In addition to a gymnasium large enough to host full size basketball, volleyball, badminton courts and an indoor soccer field, the multi-use complex has additional support programming capable of accommodating community and/or private events including public presentations, traditional ceremonies/celebrations, community presentations and private events.
Sculptural Elements
Within the interior, sculptural tree elements that reflect the presence and vitality of the Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nations are utilized to define gathering spaces for the community.

Services Rendered


The project required a design strategy that would successfully resolve the adjacencies of distinct programmatic elements. These included commercial spaces, meeting spaces, lounge space and recreational/fitness spaces which would also be flexible enough to serve the community for variety of different uses.


  • Commercial spaces are located at the forefront of the building and provided with separate and distinct access to each space independent of the facility’s main entry
  • Recreational spaces including courts, changerooms and storage occupy a recreational wing distinct from the lounge, café and meeting rooms
  • Sculptural elements populate the common spaces tying program elements together

Work photography by Gerry Kingsley

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