CNIB Sudbury Community Hub

Project Type
business-personal-service commercial institutional
Project Size
300 M² / 3,230 SF
Completion Date
Sudbury, Ontario

CNIB Sudbury’s Hub is the first location in the new model designed to accommodate three separate programs; Foundation, Vision Loss Clinic + Rehabilitation and Mobile Eye Van Program.

Designed to engage the public, primary multifunctional spaces and the CNIB Shop are located nearest the storefront. This approach is intended to generate interest in programs. Special attention was given to lighting, colour, pattern and acoustics to increase accessibility throughout the space for those with vision loss, while flexible spaces allow all programs to co-exist without sacrifice.

Key Features

Multifunctional spaces are visible and engaging from the street.
Accommodation of specific CNIB accessibility issues through the use of colour, light and acoustics.
Creation of multi-functional spaces.

Services Rendered


With no pre-existing template for the combination of programs, it was our challenge to combine various program elements for different user groups. This included respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the users as well as the demand for public access that comes with participatory programming, and finally the space and flexibility for day to day administrative activities.


  • Development of spaces capable of transforming to suit individual program needs
  • Combination of meeting rooms, conversation rooms and booths to support the need for private conversations
  • Spatial separation of public / private spaces
  • Use of contrasting colours and pattern that resonate with the CNIB brand to define spaces / navigation through the space
  • Transparency as a means to engage the public and interesting and comfortable work environments

Work photography by Gerry Kingsley

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