École secondaire Macdonald-Cartier Library

Project Type
Project Size
180 SF
Completion Date
Sudbury, Ontario

3rdline.Studio renovated an existing classroom to create a library that would better address the needs of a modern learning environment. Various zones were created through the use of custom millwork to not only create a more diverse learning environment but reinforce circulation and the function of space.

Key Features

Campfire Spaces
Spaces intended for teacher student conferencing and collaboration.
Watering Hole Spaces
Opportunities for collaborative learning.
Cave Spaces
Self-directed learning environments.

Services Rendered


  • Creation of a varied learning space within the limited space available
  • Ensuring that technical and safety requirements of the school would be met (i.e. limited use of partitions to address supervision requirements, storage requirements)


  • Custom millwork allowed for the creation of various learning environments without limiting supervisory requirements and the technical requirements required for the library itself (i.e. book storage)

Work photography by Gerry Kingsley

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