Grace Hartman Amphitheatre

Project Type
Project Size
4,800 SF
Completion Date
Sudbury, Ontario

Grace Hartman Amphitheatre, with a capacity to accommodate 1,700 people, provides a community based performance venue on the edge of Ramsey Lake as an integral component of Bell Park.

The project redeveloped this portion of the park to better accommodate key services and to create new public spaces that support festivals and public events. The amphitheater was designed to fit into the landscape and connect the audience to the lake. Improving the experiences of the performers and audiences was paramount. New ‘back of the house’ spaces increased weather protected stage areas and new high performance lighting and sound systems – providing the best festival experience for performances and audiences alike

Key Features

Respect for history and legacy of Ramsey Lake and Bell Park.
Provision of the best audience and performance experience.

Services Rendered


  • Rehabilitate and restore an existing site
  • Respect the legacy of Bell park as a Public Space
  • Connectivity and Integration with the existing landscape and fabric
  • Acoustics: Create the best possible experience for performers and attendees
  • Permit ongoing public access and use to the grounds
  • Accessibility: Barrier free design to reflect best practices
  • Budget complicance


Design of a community based venue with a seating capacity of 1,700 accommodated through a combination of traditional hard seats and grass areas and the implementation of a specifically designed sound system for live performances

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