Lasalle Secondary School (RDSB)

Project Type
educational institutional
Project Size
31,500 SF
Completion Date
2017 - 2020
Sudbury, ON

The lobby, cafeteria, library and a number of classrooms and science labs were fully renovated and transformed into modern learning environments for students.

As the schools primary gathering places both the lobby and cafeteria were renovated to provide a more welcoming and flexible space for students to socialize and work during and after school hours. Classrooms were retrofitted with new finishes, improved lighting and access to modern teaching technology.

Orange was used throughout to not only highlight and create interest in key areas, but enhance school pride.

Key Features

Modernization (Lighting, Aesthetics + Technology)
Modernization (Lighting, Aesthetics + Technology)

Services Rendered


  • Modernization of the learning environment
  • Accessibility and visibility of public space
  • Flexibility of space


  • Reorganization of the schools existing cafeteria programming created an opportunity to open up the space between the school’s entry lobby and cafeteria. This has lent itself to the creation of a vibrant public space for both students and staff.
  • New furniture and finishes create varied learning environments and places of interest for students.

Work photography by Gerry Kingsley / Internal

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