Noojmowin Teg Health Centre

Project Type
first-nations institutional
Project Size
1,379 M² / 14,843 SF
Completion Date
Phase 1: 2005 & Phase 2: 2016
Aundeck Omni Kaning, Ontario

Noojmowin Teg Health Centre is a recognized primary health organization which provides diverse services in primary health, mental health, health prevention and promotion, and traditional services to the seven First Nations and off-reserve Aboriginal/ Indigenous populations within the Manitoulin Island District and is one of Ten Aboriginal Health Access Centres located in Ontario. The original health facility was built in 2005 with an addition completed in 2016. The building integrates a variety of traditional healing spaces and support as well as offices, examination rooms, and multipurpose room.

Key Features

Traditional Healing
Spaces are designed to accommodate traditional healing methods. The Circular Healing Lodge with interior fire pit allows traditional healing ceremonies to take place.
The building uses traditional wood frame construction as well as local materials (i.e. cedar, manitoulin limestone)

Services Rendered


  • Appropriately incorporate spaces that accommodate traditional and contemporary treatment methods to provide an optimum healing environment for patients.
  • Situate building in away that provides opportunity for future expansion
  • Support the local economy and labour force by integrating local materials and construction methods, creating a lasting community connection


Incorporate traditional and contemporary treatment methods achieved through both physical and organizational programming. While the original footprint of the facility provides access to contemporary health prevention and promotion services, the new addition incorporates traditional healing spaces – allowing both services to be offered under one a single roof.

Work photography by Gerry Kingsley

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