Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence, Cambrian College

Project Type
Project Size
6,000 SF
Completion Date
2006 Not Constructed
Sudbury, Ontario

One of four projects to pursue the Living Building Challenge (i.e. LBC) at the time of design, the buildings design was intended to reflect Cambrian College’s new sustainable design program. The LBC continues to be the highest standard of design and performance for sustainable design.

Cambrian College Sustainable Energy Centre (SEC) was designed to be used as an alternative energy laboratory by students across various disciplines and a facility to provide training in alternative energy systems. It was designed to allow students to prototype, study, test and promote sustainable energy systems and energy conservation in small buildings across northern Ontario environment.

Key Features

The building was designed to act as a training facility for alternative energy systems.
The buildings design was to showcase opportunities for sustainable development and energy efficiency in small buildings, including energy conservation and utilization of energy friendly building products.

Services Rendered


Reflect The Living Building Challenge sustainable design model.

  •  Building to be a model of a healthy building including indoor air quality and daylighting
  • Site and building to utilize local materials and to match the site environment
  • Off the grid for electrical, water systems and waste systems
  • Use less energy and water than any other structure of its type in Canada without sacrificing comfort and usability through advanced design practices and technology use.
  • Generate all of its own electricity on-site
  • Capture all of its own water with the exception of potable water
  • Treat all effluent from the building on sit
  • Composting toilets to be used treat all effluent from the building on site
  • Building makes use of renewable energy in the form of wind and photovoltaic panels


  • Classroom ‘pods’ create opportunities for hands on learning
  • Created a building to only provide the grounds for testing but showcasing and evaluating new and emerging green technologies

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