Vale Coleman Surface Dry Facility Upgrade

Project Type
Project Size
20,000 SF
Completion Date
Levack, Ontario

Key Features

Industrial Design
Development of new power ventilated dirty locker systems to meet the clients desire for a safer more efficient dry environment. Higher R-Values in exterior walls and lower building volume.
Space Planning
Elimination of ‘class structure” within the dry.
Complex phasing of construction while maintaining the mine operations 24/7 with zero lost time. Temporary facilities were not utilized.

Services Rendered


  • Design and renovate the existing Dry to accommodate 654 men and 50 women while maintaining the mines 24/7 operations;
  • Eliminate “class structure” within dry environment;
  • Eliminate safety hazards of hanging basket systems;
  • Reduce energy usage thru new mechanical systems and lower volume of space;
  • Acoustic separation from adjacent ventilation fans


  • Working directly with mine personnel and the project team, we designed a new revolutionary dirty locker system moving away from traditional hanging baskets – doing so solved safety and maintenance concerns traditionally encountered with hanging baskets systems.
  • The clean and dirty environments were separated to protect the well being of the user groups.
  • Phased approach to design and construction maintained the mines 24/7 schedule with zero lost time.
  • Integration of managers, staff, miners allowed for a reduced footprint and efficiencies throughout the project.

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